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The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes


Recycled Runway 2017


Design inspired from a woman's companion book from 1915 written by a female MD and PhD which advised women of the day about female health and their role as wives and mothers.

Pages and text from the book appear on a 1950's silhouette to reflect the return of women to the home after WWII, where they assumed almost identical roles as in 1915.

Graphic illustrations of female reproductive organs adorn the bodice and skirt.  Prescription pill bottles make up the cape - a nod to valium heavily prescribed in the 50's era. Punched bottle pieces act as sequins which adorn the skirt, hat and  shoes.

The pill box hat constructed from book pages includes an illustration of twins in the womb.

Completing the ensemble is the book cover as the purse.

Model Kali Gonzalez. Photo courtesy of Chris Walters

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