You've Got to be Carefully Taught


Using textiles, You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught unpacks minstrel lyrics handed down over decades, and follows their progression into nursery rhymes, educational tunes and folk songs still taught and sung to this day.


This project is possible by a grant from the New York Council of the Arts. 




Up Cycled Fabric

Shanah Warrick, a local fashion and textile designer, has been kind enough to give me her remnants of beautiful silk organza, toile, and other fabrics.  


Free Motion Stitching

The fabric bits are sandwiched between water soluble fabric and free motion stitched in order to create a new textile.


New Textile

After washing the machine stitched fabric, the sections are then sewn together creating a large textile.

To further stabilize, circular hand stitching is added.

Incorporating all the different types of fabric to create one textile is like taking the variety of cultures to create a new vision.